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Sergal FA Qs

Q: Where do I buy the sergal?

The vendor is located in Second Life at the region Aggro. Just teleport in and click on the vendor to buy!

Q: When changing texture or zooming in and out, my sergal pops quickly into the air and back down repeatably.

You are using a v1.0 sergal. Please visit the recovery sign next to the VR Painted Sergal vendor at the region Aggro in Second Life. Clicking the sign will send you a package with the latest version of the sergal.

The "popping" bug is caused by having more than one rigged mesh attachment with "Include joint positions" checked during upload. The original version of the sergal had this checked on all weighted parts. For v1.1 Vidken reuploaded all rigged assets except for the body in order to make the popping stop.

Q: My eyes are in my neck! What kind of monster am I?

When the custom mesh skeleton that the body applies does not take hold properly, you may see horrible, horrible things. Please stay calm and simply detach and rewear the sergal's body object. Make sure you use "add" instead of "wear" as it attaches to the same location as some other parts.

Also, not everyone sees the same thing in this regard. If someone else laughs about your neck-eyes, but you see everything normal, reattaching the body should fix how they see you.

Q: What channel does the sergal use for command communication?

Channel 284 is the message commands are sent and received on.

Q: How do I change my sergal's colors!

Make sure you're wearing the HUD. Click the "2" button in the upper left to switch to the second page. In the lower left are bodypart buttons. Click on the sergal head and then choose your favorite texture in the lower right. The left/right arrows scroll through the available textures.

If you wish to make custom textures, there are PSDs available for editing. Check the sergal's "Bonus" folder for a script that will help you apply them more easily.

Q: I want to sell my aftermarket textures, but want them to automatically apply!

Use this Automatic Texture Application Script to do so. Instructions are included as comments in the script.

Q: The sergal's pretty thin! Is there a way to widen him up?

The SL avatar shape sliders can modify some aspects of the sergal, such as height, shoulder width, etc. Try it out!

Q: My chest is a little flat. How do I add breasts? Is there a female version?

Check the Bonus folder that comes with the sergal. Here is the text from the notecard:

The Mammory pieces are experimental.
Sergals have little to no external sexual dimorphism and as such the mammories were a relatively late consideration (well after the bodies were modeled). I was able to able to create geometrically seamless "addon" mammories which were weighted correctly to the torso. However, there appears to be a lighting seam around the physical edges (even if they're geometrically flush), and the textures don't quite match up.
The textures are included in the PSD templates.

Q: I would like to make rigged clothing for the sergal. Do you provide aid for this?

We can provide you a basic body file in Blender that contains the weights the sergal body uses. You can use this as the base for your weighting work.

You will need Blender in order to use the file, after you unzip it. Consider using a "copy weights" tools as the base and make adjustments as needed. The missing parts -- tail, head, fingers, and toes -- are weighted completely to those bones. It's also possible for the user to detach or remove those parts to clean up unused geometry when wearing clothing that covers those parts.

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