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Sergals are Copyright (C) Trancy Mick
Developed and sold with permission of Trancy Mick, including required royalties.

Release Date

This avatar was released for sale on October 19th, 2013, and is available for purchase at Aggro.


Painted Sergals are a mesh biped avatar compatible with most human AOs and animations. They feature a skeleton modified for long necks and higher eye placement. Although a mesh avatar, they feature offset but cleanly-weighted separate body parts utilizing material zones to enable functionality like multiple facial expressions and digit articulation. Their manes are also detachable.

Sergals are lithe furred gnolls featuring the physical attributes of various creatures, notably sharks.

"Painted" is a prefix indicating painting style. All textures are hand-made, with the organic textures painted naturally with a tablet.


Major features:

  • Rigged mesh body replacement avatar
  • Skeleton compatible with normal AOs
  • Detachable weighted manes
  • HUD-customizable color and textures

Other features:

  • North & south body, mane, head and ear variants
  • Light, medium and dark variations of eleven selectable colors
  • Seventeen selectable and tintable eye color textures
  • Normal and ridged forked tongues with eight poses each
  • Six selectable facial expressions
  • Adjustable eyelid position
  • Flexible and solid tails
  • Solid and alpha body fluff variations
  • Ear twitch toggle, touch & position adjustment
  • Flex settings, position and wag settings for tails
  • Jaw position adjustment & talkjaw toggle
  • Three position individual finger adjustment
  • Two position individual toe adjustment


The Sergal comes with a HUD to control aspects of the avatar as well as change textures and part colors.


For those interested in making custom textures for the Sergal, the PSD files are available to download:



October 23, 2013

 Added:    Voice chat gestures added to bonus folder
 Added:    Button on HUD for resetting flex tail settings.
 Added:    Button on HUD for body fluff selection and relevant changes made to all fluffy parts
 Added:    Button on HUD for Color input (via text, for modders)
 Added:    Custom texture applier tool script to bonus folder
 Added:    HUD Prim to display previous five colors selected.
 Added:    Link parts: 13 fewer scripts, 7 less attachment points.

 Fixed:    Nasty popping bug resolved by importing meshes with new settings.
 Fixed:    Flextail fluff when viewed from the right was upside down.
 Fixed:    Chest fluff object was missing from release box.
 Fixed:    Made plywood roots invisible on all tails.
 Fixed:    Teeth not coloring properly.
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Page last modified on October 27, 2013, at 01:05 AM