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Hereti CORE Avatars

HeretiCORE, manned by Dvorin Radek, creates robotic avatars and weaponry.

Tank Buster

The first in the HC combat drone series, its focus is on anti-armor as well as crowd control. Its heavier frame allows it to stand toe-to-tread with most armored vehicles in pure strength where its more mobile design allows it to flank its opponents and attack their weak points.

One of my first forays into making custom mesh skeletons, I tested to see how the legs would hold up to having the ankle joint lifted further than normal as well as seeing if centering an eye joint would work properly. The overall design was fun to make, using the hexagon as the obvious visual focus.

Forest Guardian

Created centuries ago to protect the forest, its domain has slowly dwindled. As such, it now protects what remains with a vicious zeal that will not tolerate even a scratch upon its trees.

The Forest Guardian is a project of merging base prim construction with a mesh skeleton frame as well as custom animations. One of the more complex AVs I've made to date. The aspect I've enjoyed the most is its overall organic appearance, something that is typically difficult for me to accomplish.

Trench Runner

The second in the HC combat drone series, the Trench Runner is designed to clear out enemy encampments and cover to give the heavier units targets to take down. Built for speed and agility, there are few ground units capable of escaping without vehicular assistance.

The Trench Runner is the second quadruped AV to be designed using a combination of base prim and mesh skeletal frame. Designed for customization, the Trench Runner will be compatible with the same color control HUD as the Tank Buster.

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