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Wyvern Gesture/Chat Commands


All messages should be sent on channel 99876. This is done by prefixing messages with a forward slash.

Eg: /99876 command text


  • sit 1 - Toggles playing the sit animation.
  • sit 2 - Toggles playing the laying animation.
  • animplay <anim name fragment> - Plays specified inventory animation.
  • animstop <anim name fragment> - Stops specified inventory animation.
  • set ao 0 - Turns the AO off.
  • set ao 1 - Turns the AO on.
  • set idleplay 1 - Allows idle animations to play.
  • set idleplay 0 - Disables idle animations until manually enabled.
  • set idlepause 1 - Pauses idle animations until state change (walk, fly, etc).
    • Note: This is the preferred command for gestures, as failure to reenable by design folly or technical issues doesn't permanently disable idle animations.
  • set idlepause 0 - Enables idle animations again.
  • particlecrash 1 - Enables the fast-falling crash dust particle rezzing.
  • particlecrash 0 - Disables the crash dust particle rezzing.


Disable Blinkingblink off
Enable Blinkingblink on


Neutralemotions 1 FFFF
Mademotions 4 FFFF
Glademotions 2 FFFF
Sademotions 8 FFFF



To open/close the jaw, use the "jaw" command with 0-6 as the value. 0 is closed, 6 is fully open.

Closedjaw 0
Barely Openjaw 1
...jaw 2
...jaw 3
Max Talkjawjaw 4
...jaw 5
Fully Openjaw 6


Enable Talkjawtalkjaw on
Disable Talkjawtalkjaw off

Note: 1 and 0 work in place of on and off if you are a computer.

talkmax # where # is between 1 and 6. Default is 4. Sets a new max open size for the talkjaw


  • To make the talkjaw only open a little bit as its maximum open size, use talkmax 2
  • To make the talkjaw open very wide as its maximum open size, use talkmax 6


Enable Voicetalkvoicejaw on
Disable Voicetalkvoicejaw off

Tail Wagging (Animated)

The tail wag command requires one to three values on the end. It's smart enough to only change what you give it.

Widewag wide
Tightwag tight
Highwag up
Midwag mid
Lowwag down
Fastwag fast
Mediumwag med
Slowwag slow
Stoppedwag still

Example commands:

  • wag wide up fast - Changes all options.
  • wag tight - Will only change the wide/tight option.
  • wag down slow - Will leave the wide/tight and change the others.
  • wag mid still - Still wouldn't use wide/tight anyway.

Internal Commands

These commands are not generally triggered externally. You won't need these unless you're trying to do something weird, in which case you probably want to contact Stickman Ingmann inworld anyway.


  • fireanim drawback - Pauses the tail animation and plays the drawback animation.
  • fireanim breathfull - Pauses the tail animation and plays the firebreath animation.
  • fireanim open - Pauses the tail and opens the jaw to maximum.
  • fireanim stop - Stops the firebreath animation, puts the jaw back to default, and animates the tail.


voicecycle - To trigger one voicechat jaw waggling cycle.

A voicechat message is triggered via gestures, so the gestures must be equipped to trigger this automatically. Low, medium, and high levels are treated as equal, as SL does a very poor job distinguishing between and triggering them anyway. The voicechat command triggers four jaw movement cycles, which is calculated to be roughly the distance between voicechat messages -- which are not standard or consistent in any way.

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