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  • Status: On Hold.

Note that this is preliminary information and is subject to change.


The quadrupedal robotic dog project is a collaboration between Stickman Ingmann and hotpinksoldier.


The avatar will be full mesh. Some features it is expected to have are below:

  • Several swappable bodypart options
  • Full AO
  • Livery v3 color changing (based on dragon and gryphon color changing)

Early Concept Art

For those not familiar with concept art, when exploring an idea, such as a "robodog," it's important to play around with the concept itself, sketch things out and see what it might look like. Then you pick your favorite pieces and make more concept sketches based on those until you have a design you're satisfied with.

This early concept art has not yet passed the refinement stage, and thus may bear very little resemblance to the final product.

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