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These files are provided for you to customize the Roarbeast Kobold avatar in Second Life. You may give away or sell your creations of alternative bodyparts, clothing, animations, textures, or other assets, as you desire within the Second Life platform.

However, you may not upload these files to other platforms, nor directly upload these to Second Life without modifications. The goal here is that people have to still buy the Roarbeast Kobold avatar to use your creations.

Please direct interested parties to this page to download the files themselves, rather than send them the files directly.

Kobold Modding Files

3D, Blender

The following is a Blender/Avastar file. It was created with Blender 2.79b, and Avastar 2.5.1. If you want to make animations, you will want both this file and Avastar. You will need the free 7-zip program to extract it, but you probably already have it so try it before installing.

Attach:Kobold008-Devkit.7z - 2.8MB

3D, Other

If you don't use Blender, one of these files should be enough for you to create a working build environment.

Attach:Kobold008-Devkit.dae.7z - 1MB

Attach:Kobold008-Devkit.fbx.7z - 16MB (did not seem to work in Maya?)


This file includes:

  • A simple final texture (orange) including the specular and normals with the scales.
  • An ambient occlusion/shadow map
  • Specular and Normal maps for smooth, non-scaled skin.
  • The second file contains the polygon style UV unwrap images.

Attach:Kobold-Texture-Devkit.7z - 94MB - 4MB

The full set of unwraps, and the dimensions we used for the kobold includes:

  • Body (1024x1024)
  • Head A (1024x1024)
  • Head B (1024x1024) (other heads use Head B for the mouth texture)
  • Head C (1024x1024)
  • Eyes (512x512)
  • Armor (512x512)

I'm very sorry about Head B's mouth texture. Due to development constraints we were unable to implement a better solution with the time available.

The texture applier script for you to sell custom textures is here:
Kobold Texture Applier

Kobold Modding Guide

Just some things to be aware of and watch out for.


Default Animation Names

The Kobold AO contains "background" animations for standing, flying, and crouching. The purpose of these to is to have an always-on basic pose for those states so if an animation doesn't load in time, or ease values don't match up, the background animation is what you end up seeing instead of the default SL animations. These are "poses," single frame looping animations, rather than full animations.

The Kobold AO uses "lazy name matching" to find animations, then caches the result. The reasoning here is that you can make "stand_anim001" and find out it's a bust, and then replace it with "stand_anim002." This way you have a clear indication of "this is newer" and you also don't have to edit the AO for it to recognize the new animation. If the AO breaks and can't find the new animations, just reset it so it recaches. Though it should recache automatically, inventory is messy and it's easy to break unexpectedly.

Also note that lazy name matching works in reverse alphabetical order. Eg, "stand_anim002" is found and cached before "stand_anim001". So it's possible to accidentally leave extra animations inside the AO, or have something match up you didn't expect because you have multiple matches.

The "crouch turn left" and "crouch turn right" animations are not included in the default SL animation set, and are unique creations to my AOs. Also "walk backwards" does not exist in modern AOs. If you're used to making animations for other AOs, these can be easy to overlook.

The AO expects the following strings to be in the following animations. Many names are chosen to avoid overlapping search terms. Eg, "fly_up" instead of "flying_up", which conflicts with "flying".

  • Standing Background: stand_pose
  • Standing: stand_anim
  • Walking: walk
  • Walk Backwards: backwards
  • Turning Left: stand_turnleft
  • Turning Right: stand_turnright
  • Crouching Background: crouch_pose
  • Crouching: crouch_anim
  • Crawl/Crouch Walk: crawl
  • Crouch Turn Left: crouch_turnleft
  • Crouch Turn Right: crouch_turnright
  • Flying Background: hover_pose
  • Flying in Place/Hovering: hover_anim
  • Flying Forward: flying
  • Flying Down: fly_down
  • Flying Up: fly_up
  • Prejumping: override
  • Jumping: jumping
  • Normal Landing: softland
  • Landing Softly: softland (duplicate)
  • Hard Landing: hardland
  • Standing, Idles: stand_idle_000, _001, _002, and _003
  • Sit Options: sit_000, sit_001, sit_002, and lay_000, lay_001.
  • Away: (Explained at the end of the next section)

Animations that depend on which head is attached use the search term, and sort based on alphabetical order. Thus they expect to only find three animations that are suffixed _A, _B, and _C. The following are head-dependant, unless otherwise stated.

  • Face, Background: express_rootpos (NOT head dependant)
  • Express, Neutral: express_neutral
  • Express, Happy: express_happy
  • Express, Mad: express_mad
  • Express, Sad: express_sad
  • Talkjaw: jaw_talk
  • Talkjaw, Body Movement: talkjaw_body (NOT head dependant)
  • Blink, Neutral Expression: eyelid_neutral_open_blink
  • Blink, Happy Expression: eyelid_happy_open_blink
  • Blink, Mad Expression: eyelid_mad_open_blink
  • Blink, Sad Expression: eyelid_sad_open_blink
  • Squinting: eyelid_squinted
  • Blink, Squinting: eyelid_squint_blink
  • Eye Closed: eyelid_closed
  • Away: away

The jaw expects 11 animations.

  • Jaw, Closed: jaw_open-00
  • Jaw, Minimum Open: jaw_open-01
  • ...
  • Jaw, Maximum Open: jaw_open-10

Animation Notes

SL has three types of "landing" from a jump or a fall.

1) The "normal landing" animation is short, and can be interrupted by walking.

2) The "soft landing" animation is short, but cannot be interrupted by walking.

3) The "hard landing" is long, and also cannot be interrupted by walking.

Due to bugged behavior in the SL animation overrider, the prejump and landing animations do not behave properly, sometimes not triggering at all. Since the overrider is way less script intensive, I use it anyway, but to avoid bugs prejump has been entirely eliminated by using a priority zero, one frame "override" animation that basically does nothing.


The applier and HUD only support homochromia, but heterochromia can be created by the end user by either manually applying the textures, or by only having one eye attached at a time.

If you're not aware, using the beta grid you get technically free uploads while testing textures, before would upload the finalized version to the main grid. Even better than that can be the "local textures" option where a file is read off your hard drive and applied to the avatar. Merely saving over it will cause the new version to be applied to the avatar. While only you can see this inworld, it's free and doesn't require switching grids.

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