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  • SL Marketplace
  • Aggro Inworld Vendor



  • Fully rigged Bento mesh body
  • 3 swappable head options.
  • Comes with leather armor so you're less naked.
  • Bodypart meshes are split for easier modding.


  • Basic Livery HUD to switch between full body texture options.
  • 9 skin texture options, including specular and normal maps.
  • Various eye texture options.


  • Full AO, including walk, run, crouch, fly.
  • Facial rig with expression support.
  • Animated talkjaw and voicechat gestures.
  • Several sit animations included.
  • Usage HUD to trigger sits and alter settings.


Q: My head is deforming weirdly when it blinks or expresses. Why do you make me suffer?
A: Please reattach your head. Each head uses unique animations, and the AO is confused about which one you have on. This usually happens if you attach two heads by accident, then remove one.

Q: What does this armor button on the Basic Livery HUD do?
A: It applies the default diffuse, normal, and specular textures to the armor. This can save you the effort of unpacking a new copy if you apply third party textures, but want to restore the armor to its original textures.


  • Stickman Ingmann - Scripts and Animations
  • Hystt - Model, Rigging, Textures
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