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Anthro Eastern-Gesture

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Anthro Eastern Gesture/Chat Commands

The avatar accepts commands on channel 66353. To send a command from a chat or gestures, type something similar to the following:

 /66353 exp angry

Note that when typing commands, "on" and "off" can be used in place of "1" and "0" if that's your preference.

These are all of the basic commands the Smolbeast Anthro Eastern Dragon accepts.

Turns the AO on and off.

 set ao 1
 set ao 0

Turns the jawtalk for keyboard typing on and off.

 set typing 1
 set typing 0

Turns the jawtalk for voicechat on and off.
(Note, voicechat gestures must be worn for this to work)

 set voice 1
 set voice 0

Enables or disables the blinking animation.

 set blink 1
 set blink 0

Changes the current expression animation.

 exp neutral
 exp happy
 exp angry
 exp sad

Close the jaw

 jaw 0

Open the jaw to increasing degrees.

 jaw 1
 jaw 2
 jaw 9

Toggles the sitting animation on and off

 anim sit

Plays or stops animation "name" as found inside the AO object.
Note: Will display a script error if the animation doesn't exist.

 anim play name
 anim stop name

Triggers a 1.5 second duration talkjaw animation, used with voice gestures.

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