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Anthro Eastern-Devkit

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Anthro Eastern Devkit

I am providing these files to aid with the custom modding and texturing of third party developers.

These files are to only be used to create custom mods, textures, and animations for the Smolbeast Anthro Eastern Dragon Avatar. Except for personal use, you are not allowed to upload any of their contents directly to SL. You are not allowed to upload any of their contents to any other website or service.

Please do not share the files once you have them. Please direct people to this page.

If you agree to use these files as described above, please enjoy them, and share with us what you make!

The textures are PSD files. You'll need something that can read them, such as Adobe Photoshop.

The models and animations are in a Blend file. You'll need to download Blender 2.79b. To work properly with it, at the very least with animations, you'll need Avastar 2.5.1.


Model and Animations:

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