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Anthro Eastern-Customization

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Smolbeast Anthro Eastern Customization Guide

Applier Script

If you are making custom textures and want to sell them, you should use the applier script here:

Insert the UUIDs for your textures, set the script to nomod/notransfer, put it in a box, and sell the box! The user will rez and click the box, and the textures will be applied to their avatar.

Also, if someone comes to you and says "your applier isn't working!" then ask them if they deleted the color scripts. Because obviously you can't change colors without color scripts.

Custom Bodyparts

The avatar supports a handful of bodypart identifiers. It also supports multiple bodyparts on the same prim, but on different faces.

If you have a custom part and you want it to respond to changes from the color HUD or applier scripts, you will need to do the following:

1) Set the description of the object to identify what bodypart it is.

Available bodyparts are:

  • body
  • dorsal
  • hair
  • horneastern
  • hornwestern
  • mouth
  • iris
  • pupil
  • shine

The description field for the object you are defining will need to identify which face is what part.

To make it easier on yourself, have every prim be a complete bodypart. Then you just have to write


in the description.

Otherwise, the faces are defined by powers of two. I know it's weird, but it makes the script a lot easier to write.

Here's the table to convert to what face means what:

SL FaceNumber to Use

So if you have an object you created where SL face 0 is the body, and SL face 1 is a dorsal spike, and SL face 2 is the mouth, and SL face 3 is the teeth, and SL face 4 is the tongue, you would name the description like this:


If you do not wish to have a part defined, you can set it to "nothing".


The only example of this separation of faces in action on the avatar itself is in the eyes, where the sclera is unused, and the iris, pupil, and eye shine are all on different faces.


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