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Anthro Eastern

Smolbeast Eastern Isle Pool Noodle Dragon Avatar

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Smolbeast Purpose

Roarbeast avatars are designed to be large, complex, fully featured productions with a significant amount of extras to play with. However, these avatars take a lot of time and effort to create. It also limits the number of people that can be collaborated with, because such a large slot of development time is reserved for the people working together on the project.

Smolbeast avatars are designed to be much smaller in scope. With a smaller feature list and a smaller demand in resources, they can be completed much faster. Since they don't take up as much time, a lot of new ideas can be explored, and we can work with a lot of different creative people.

Since development on large avatars takes so long, it's also important that the financial situation for Roarbeast as a business be secured before working on one. Smolbeast helps to raise funds for the extended development time needed to work on the larger projects.


The Smolbeast Anthro Eastern Dragon Avatar is a fully functional avatar with a handful of extras. It has a HUD for expressions, another for changing colors, and an AO that replaces all of the default SL animations with a custom set.


  • A full set of animations (20+)

The avatar comes with the following parts:

  • A male and female torso/head.
  • Claw and hoof option for feet.
  • Dorsal spikes, or a mane.
  • Optional long whiskers
  • Optional tail tip fluff
  • Western or Eastern style horns
  • Optional ears

Usage HUD

  • Jaw open slider (and closed/open buttons on the end)
  • Neutral, sad, happy, angry emotion animation buttons.
  • Lay down animation toggle
  • Voice talkjaw toggle
  • Typing talkjaw toggle

Simple Livery HUD

  • 24 full texture options
  • 6 Pupil shape options
  • Iris color buttons
  • "Delete color scripts" option to permanently remove color scripts.


There are a couple odd things about the avatar that may throw you!

To attach anything unrigged to the head, you will need to use the Alt-Eye slots. In order to animate a longer neck, we had to steal the head bone to use as a second neck bone. The actual head bone is the FaceRoot bone. And the only thing that can attach unrigged prims to that is the Alt-Eye attachment slots.

However, the alt-eye attachment slot moves around, much like the traditional avatar eyes. So we had to use an animation that's always playing to hold them still. "But wait, the eyes do move!" Yes, they do! That's because we're using a script to move them.

I try not to think about it too hard.


  • Maneframe (Darkscale Guardian)
    • Avatar Concept
    • Initial Model
    • HUD Textures
    • Texture Wrangling
  • Stickman Ingmann
    • Retopology
    • Unwrap
    • Rigging
    • Scripts
    • Animations
    • Texture Set 2 Coloration
    • Documentation
  • Kanowyn Finchy
    • Complete Texture Set 1
  • Cornerstone (oofantasystormoo)
    • Base Texture Set 2
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